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About the Project
Art from Space is an exploration of art-related phenomena that manifests in interesting ways on Google's aerial maps. Although it is an urban myth that the Great Wall of China is visible from space, there are a great deal of other man-made structures (culture) whose occupation of the landscape (nature) becomes significant when viewed from the distinct perspective of a digital, extra-terrestrial view. In this virtual representation of the world, time, distance, scale and verticality are all telescoped for the electronic tourist who can travel anywhere on the planet, unimpeded by the usual barriers of accessibility. Art from Space is also an experiment in curatorial practice, collecting, presenting and contextualising items in ways that users can explore, free of curator-imposed framing and sequencing.

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Specific locations of interest are highlighted on the Art from Space blog in CAPS and linked to the map for further exploration. Blog entries can be browsed in chronological order or sorted thematically through the growing list of tags on the right, which indicate emerging strands of interest. The maps are subsequently distilled into several layers using these main strands. To jump straight to a location, each is linked from a list at the left of a map, or viewers can manually explore the map, dragging north, east, south and west, as well as zooming in our out. Locations are all labelled with links back to relevant blog entries and to related map 'tag' layers.

-Andrew Clifford, January 2009